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Type Medical Facilities

Hospitals Clinics
Laboratories Veterinary hospitals/clinics
Embalmers Physical therapy clinics
Morgues Autopsy facilities
Nursing homes Convalescent homes
Medical offices with radiographic, physical therapy and/or laboratory facilities  


Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants Waste water treatment plants
Industrial waste plants Pumping stations


Commercial Manufacturing/Storage

Automotive plants Aircraft/missile plants
Beverage bottling plants Breweries/distilleries
Chemical plants Car wash facilities
Dairies and cold storage plants Metals manufacturing plants
Paper and paper products plants Plating plants
Temporary services (street cleaners, tank trucks using hydrants) Petroleum and gas processing or storage facilities
Sand, gravel, concrete or asphalt plants Radioactive materials, substances or handling plants
Rubber plants (natural or synthetic) Power plants
Technical schools, colleges and universities Solar heating systems (direct or auxiliary)
Food processing (Manufacturing, canning, packaging) Waterfront facilities (docks, marinas, etc)
Photographic film processing plants  



Warehouses used for storage of harzardous materials Buildings with water booster jump and/or water storage tanks
Supermarkets Restaurants
Schools, research facilities, and any buildings with laboratories Automatic lawn sprinklers - (residential and commercial)
Buildings with sewage ejectors Factories
Shopping malls Buildings with fire service